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Come drive with Paul. He teaches driving with a purpose. We don't just log hours towards a driver's license. 




Parents' Page

Parents,  think back to your teenage years?  Do you remember the excitement you felt the first time you were legally able to drive?  Typically as we grow older we aren’t excited to drive as when we were teenagers and we tend to forget how much we wanted to drive, how much we wanted to be able to grow as an adult and to travel on our own.  Well, imagine the enthusiasm and great excitement your teen feels about this new experience.

Not to worry, since you are looking at my website, you are on the right track to helping your teen embark into this new experience of driving.  During this transition time, it’s important to remember that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. And also understand, teenagers learn at different paces. Plus, without OUR help, you and me together, they will not be successful. Times have changed since most of us have learned how to drive. Traffic is heavier and faster, cars have more performance and handle much different. The process is much different. And our teenagers are much different, too. They are much smarter, much busier, and want results NOW.

Like playing sports, competing in dance, cheerleading, or passing AP tests, a successful student must put in the time to improve. Repetitious work, several days a week. Learning the basics, then more advanced skills, continuous work until game day (the driving test). A student must maintain their learners permit for a minimum of 181 days from issue date, before they may attempt to take the driving test. During the time period, Paul will teach your student the basics of driving, give them back to you for practice time, then on lesson #2 he will advance their skills. They will then spend time driving with you. On the 3rd lesson, Paul will clean the driving skills up and get them ready for their driving test. The good news is learning to drive with Paul, your student will become a safe, educated, defensive driver. As a former Law Enforcement professional, he teaches and provide the tools to help your teens become defensive, more cautious drivers and more receptive to safe driving techniques. 



Guide to getting your CA Learner Permit

    1.    Complete our
Classroom  and receive a certificate of completion

    2.     Fill out the drivers license application form DL44 and have both parents/guardians sign the form. The DL44 form cannot be
            obtained online as it must be an original, signed form.  

    3.    Make an appointment
  with your local DMV office for the written permit test. Bring your birth certificate, social security
          number and 2 proofs of residency in Ca.

    4.    Past your written test and now have your permit in your hand, Call Paul to make an appointment for your first driving lesson
           Reach us at 714-497-8232. He services Orange County, Corona, Norco, Eastvale, Riverside and surrounding cities.

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