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Come drive with Paul. He teaches driving with a purpose. We don't just log hours towards a driver's license. 

Behind the Wheel Driver Education
(Teenage Package 6hrs)

Behind the Wheel Driver Education
(Individual 2hrs)


When driving with Paul's driver training programs, he partners with the adults of our driving students to make sure there is a safe and positive learning experience. As a law enforcement professional instructor, He work one on one. We teach the student, we do not just drive around logging hours. Each of our 2 hour lessons consist of educating your student, challenging them to drive in and out of their community. Each driving session is based upon a written curriculum. Before and after each lesson, our instructors meet with parents/guardians to up date them and give them recommendations for future driving.


3 Sessions, 2 hours each, structured to teach proper driving techniques. A detailed
student driving evaluation report is completed after each lesson to assist the instructor and the student's parents.

Some of the items covered in the On Street Drivers Training include:

First Session

2 hours

Student/Parent orientation
Driving Preparation
Understanding Steering & Vehicle Control
Vision, Turning Their Head, Scanning
On Street Residential Driving
Turns, Stops & Starts at Intersection
Left Turns, Right Turns, U-Turns
Turning & Backing Under Various Conditions     
Driving assignment sheet

Second Session

2 hours

Overview of session 1
Parallel Backing Along the Curb
Rules of the Road
Throttle / Brake control
Lane changes
Speed & Space Management
Turns at intersection right, left & u-turns         
Uphill/downhill parking
Driving Assignment Sheet

Third Session

2 hours

Overview of Session 1 & 2
Freeway driving
Entering & exiting freeways
Pre-drive test introduction
Night time driving (depending upon appt. time)
Driving assignment sheet
DMV Certification of completion behind the wheel training.


Do you feel your student needs an extra lesson to sharpen your skills on a particular driving skill? We can tailor your lessons to work with you one on one with freeway driving, city driving, parallel parking or we can work on any skills you want to perfect. Sign up.






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