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Come drive with Paul. He teaches driving with a purpose. We don't just log hours towards a driver's license. 

About Us

Driving Instructor Paul Bartram has been involved in law enforcement for a combination of over 20 years. As a law enforcement officer, he trained police recruits in many areas including defensive driving and tactical driving techniques. Paul has been to race car driver school and two different types of defensive driving schools during his law enforcement years. These skills are transferred to your student driver with the intent of making them a safe, educated , defensive drivers, When Paul takes your student out on a driving lesson, training is comprehensive and with purpose. They work on building confidence, while driving in and out of your neighborhoods. And after every lesson, if the parent is available, Paul will meet with and discuss what was taught and how your student preformed. He will leave you with a plan on areas needing attention, suggests on what to work on, and recommendations on what steps to take next. He creates a partnership with you. 
Driving lessons are 2 hours. Scheduling works around your student's schedule. Paul stays busy and is often booked out a month in advance. He holds spots in the calendar just for first lessons, in order to get your student's first lesson in as soon as possible. Once your student receives their "Learner's Permit" from DMV, they are not allowed to drive until they have had their first driving lesson with a driving instructor, including no driving with their adult mentors.

Paul Bartram
  • Driving instructor with Sunshine Driving School. Lic # 4403008.
  • Riverside Police Officer (retired) with 20 years of service.
  • Educator for Public & Private High Schools.
  • Youth Leader in the Community
  • Licensed Driving Instructor & Advanced Driver Training
  • Been teaching teenagers for over 15 years 
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