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Licensed with Sunshine Driving School
DMV Instructor Lic # I4403008

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In today’s world of fast cars, fast moving traffic and long distance driving, our teen drivers face more challenging driving conditions than ever before, And the statics show the results. More teenagers are killed or injured in traffic collisions than by any other means. Our driver training staff strides to make a difference by providing modern instruction techniques. We are dedicated to a complete training program, which partners with the students and their adult mentors, and by providing instruction  exceeding DMV standards. Your student will not just burn up hours and time. We don't teach the student to only pass the Driver's Licensing Tests. We teach them how to drive in todays world.  The passing rate of 98.5% on our student's first attempt at DMV test, speaks for itself.  Our instruction make the difference.

Many driving schools take their students thru fast food services, instructors stop for smoke breaks, do not go on the freeway as part of their instruction. When your student is out with us, they are driving. They are being challenged in and out of their neighborhoods. Many times when they come home after a two hour lesson, the student needs a nap. The lessons can be mentally exhausting.

I do not teach hand over hand driving. In law enforcement we do not find we have good control on turns, when using hand over hand techniques. Plus, your arms are in front of the air bag when steering in such a manner.  So I teach "reach, drag and grab" steering techniques. A much more controlled method for making a turn. This method has been very successful for our young drivers.



 .We Teach Smart Driving.

Start Out Smart Driver Education has combined forces with Sunshine Driving School. Our two programs have taken driver training to a all new level. No longer will you find driver education and driver training in the high school. What makes us different than the other driving schools? Our instructors and our programs are the difference.  Our Behind the Wheel program is set up to partner with the parents.  We do not just your student teach to pass the drive test. Our goal is to make our students safe, educated, defensive drivers. We share our driving curriculum with their adult mentors and work with your student over the 6 month "permit period." Many schools disappear after 6 hours of lessons. Your student, you the parent and us all partner together to reach our common goal.  We teach "Lessons for a Lifetime".

Paul, our driving instructor, covers Corona, Norco, Riverside area, north Orange County and many of the smaller surrounding cities. He has taught some 3000 teenagers to drive over the last 15 years. He is a former police officer from southern California. Who better to teach your teenager how to drive, than a COP? Additionally, Paul taught defensive and tactical driving at local law enforcement training faculties. He teaches with patients and enthusiasm. If you live in his area, call him directly at



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